Wood Floor Installation

Wood Floor Installation and Fitting

Our range of flooring services includes fitting of various types of wooden flooring, subfloor preparation & levelling and finishing works such as skirting boards / beading installation, doors / door frames trimming, insulation fitting and damp proofing.

Shortly, if we had to make a list of the services carried daily by our wood floor fitters, it would look like this:

•Parquet Floor Fitting and Supply of Parquet Flooring
•Solid Wood Flooring Installation and Supply Solid Wood Flooring
•Engineered Wood Flooring installation and supply Engineered Wood Flooring
•Concrete Subfloors Levelling
•Plying of Wood Floors
•Damp Proofing and Sound Proofing
•Laminate Floor Fitting
•Skirting Boards or Beading Installation
•Doors and Door Frames Trimming

All Aspects on Wood Floor Fitting

One of the most integral aspects of the wood floor installation is proper subfloor preparation. Before getting down to the wood floor fitting your new floor, there are things that need to be done to ensure proper and long lasting floor installation.

Dust Control

Dust is one of the major problems and needs to be addressed before the floor layer begins. On the one hand, this means properly dusted subfloors - cleaning is important so proper adhesion is achieved. On the other hand, the adjacent rooms, their furniture and etc. need to be protected and sealed off. We take pride in using wood floor fitters equipment on the cutting edge of technology that is almost entirely dust free, but still, a minor amount of dust particles will be eventually released, so there is no such thing as being too careful.

Increased Level of Moisture in the Air & Subfloors

Moisture Damp MetreMoisture is the major reason for unsuccessful floor installations. It needs to be properly taken care of or you are running the risk of ending up with damaged flooring sooner than you may think. The issue relates to several different things. First, the subfloor must be clean and dry. Second, the flooring itself needs to acclimatise to the local moisture and temperature in your house and third, you need to make sure the pipes are in a good condition. Finally, it is recommended that the temperature is around 18C and the relative humidity 30-60%.

Going for Subfloor Preparation

The subfloor has to be clean, levelled, sound and dry. All debris and dirt should be removed, not only because it create unevenness, but also because it may react with the wood flooring adhesive, leading to deflection and loose flooring. The floor must be flat to industry standards and they provide very specific values. Underlay is of great importance, especially with floating floor installation, since it helps to obtain even surface and reduce sounds of footsteps. In the case of wooden floors that are generally hard, it is better that a shock-absorbing underlay is installed. Finally, the subfloor must be covered with a damp-proof membrane - it will protect the flooring against moisture.

Doors / Door Frames Trimming

Doors of the rooms where flooring will be installed need to be removed and stored in a safe place until after fitting has been completed. You also need to choose whether to have the flooring installed around the door trim or get the door trim cut after installation of the flooring.

Methods of Wood Floor Installation


In this type of wood floor installation, popular with engineered wood flooring and laminate floorings, the floors planks can fit / click together directly without gluing or nailing. That type of floor fitting, not bonded directly to the subfloor, allows installation of specific types of underlay - for sound insulation or damp insulation.

Elastilon, an adhesive mat for laying floors; a totally new, remarkable revolution which makes the use of screws, nails, glue or clips completely unnecessary during the laying of parquet and strip floors and which, with its follow-ups, has conquered the whole world in record time… would you like to know more? Read on!

Solid strip floors are still the Porsche among floors: expensive, difficult to control, indefatigable and prestigious. Whereas previously sturdy and complex sub-constructions and a lot of strong screws were needed to prevent the inherent movement of the wood as much as possible, the producers of these floors now try to apply them floating which means that they are not fixed to the surface. The result of this is advanced, high-tech floor sections with ingenious tongue and groove connections.

At the same time, Osbe Parket BV has developed a completely new, revolutionary and remarkable laying system called ‘Elastilon’ and has been given a worldwide patent for it. The idea: the wooden sections are pressed together on an elastic adhesive mat which has been previously rolled out and then the protective layer between the floor and the mat is removed. It is therefore the opposite of a label which is conceived of as elastic and/or resilient.

Elastilon is, because of the heavy adhesive layer, a unique laying system and subfloor in one which pulls the floor segments together almost seamlessly. Wood is a complex material but this system solves many problems.

These include:
◾a perfect solution for an old problem (shrinkage and swelling)
◾adhesive layer on the bottom of the floor segments seals them off hermetically (no warping)
◾almost emission-free (no contamination of the interior)
◾no deformation of the segments due to the ‘dry adhesion’ (warping)
◾rapid and clean laying (time saving from 50 to 70 %)
◾no nails in the wood (which are visible after renovation)
◾high degree of living and walking comfort (possibly to whisper quiet)
◾permitted in apartments and multi-storeys (high contact sound reduction possible)
◾continuous elastic tensile stress pulling the segments together (no seam forming)

Each plank connects to the others through grooves and tongues, much like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This method allows installation of floors over surfaces that are not and for some reason, cannot be made perfectly flat.

Using Quality Wood Floor Adhesives

Gluing down with a professional wood floor adhesive can sometimes be the only way of installing wooden flooring. This will be when installing wood floors on concrete or onto subfloors with possibility of running pipes below. To be on the safe side we have to go for installation with wood floor adhesives. This method is appropriate as well for parquet floor fitting or deco / pattern floorings.