Engineered Oak

Engineered oak flooring, simply explained, is basically a constructed sandwich of oak and plywood that's all pressure and heat bonded together to create a board that can be produced wider than solid oak, but with reduced risk of 'cupping'.
This sort of construction provides much better stability after installation than solid in most situations because the oak is what you see and walk on (the wear layer) and the plywood underneath is the part that enables this type of construction to provide better stability. It looks exactly like a solid oak board when fitted.
Each ply within the multiply backing runs at right angles to its adjacent ply, providing maximum dimensional strength to the sandwich, which is all heat bonded together. This means that engineered oak flooring can be installed virtually anywhere within the home because it ‘behaves itself’ much better than solid oak within areas with light moisture, such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms.
Our 21mm engineered oak has a 6mm wear layer, which provides as much wear as 18mm solid oak. Some will claim that unlike solid hardwood, deep scratches and dents in engineered wood cannot be sanded out but that’s only true with boards that have a wear layer of less than 3mm. The minimum wear layer thickness that we supply is 4mm, so its durability is excellent, even in high traffic areas.